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30 Day My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Challenge

Day 6 - Least favourite from the mane cast?

Same for my most favorite, it’s hard to pick a least favorite because at the end of the day, I do love all of the mane cast. So I’ll go with least relatable, Princess Twilight Sparkle. In the beginning, I had no problem with her. I thought she was a pretty good character just like the rest of the mane 6. But as time went on, we started seeing her as more so the main character instead of one of the main characters. Throughout season one, there was focus on Twilight but there was still, I feel, a balance. Season 2 stepped that back a bit by making it so they didn’t need Twilight for a letter at the end of every episode. It felt really balanced. Then season three came and it went back to focusing on Twilight and making her the Deus Ex Pony of the finale, complete with immortality and Princesshood.

Now, I still like Twilight’s character. She’s an ocd book lover who cares deeply for her friends and will do all she can for them. But now she’s an immortal princess and has been set so far above her friends. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely understand why she was made a princess and of course I knew it would happen. I’m just afraid this will set the show as Twilight and Friends instead of the Mane 6. She’s been set as superior to her friends, and even Celestia. They all bowed to her in the finale (sorry, I still cannot get over that.).

I like Twilight, but I dislike her new superior status. I’m both scared and excited to see how it will be played out in the finale.


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