30 Day My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Challenge

Day 4 - Favorite Background Pony?

I guess you could say I like my ladies lanky and loony~~

ahaha but yeah, Allie Way and Fleur De Lis just really stand out from the crowd of background ponies, in my opinion. It’s almost like every pony has, more or less, the same structure and they would all look alike if you took away their manes and tail. But these ponies have longer legs, fleur has a more pronounced muzzle, and their designs are just really nice. I also just like Screwball and especially the fancanon around her, that she’s like a remainder of chaos that was left behind when Discord was trapped in stone and I love the song Daddy Discord. So yeah, it’s the fancanon for Screwball and the models of Allie Way and Fleur De Lis.

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